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[anadoluhaber] Respect Of Standing For The Soldiers Who Dird In Hirosima And Nagazaki - CAN AKIN

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Balıkesir'de Gazi Ece Amca Ve Ben Öykü Kitabı - Yazar: Can AKIN

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Stories Of Memory - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece And Little Can - Written By: Can AKIN

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Balikesir Ciudad, Su Héroe Ece Amca Y Yo Escribir: Can AKIN -

Respect Of Standing For The Soldiers Who  Dird In Hirosima And Nagazaki

                 Months and years have followed one after. Time has passed as fast as the water. I've been to Germany on duty. I  have watched a television programme on Global heating. When the speaker was telling the disasters which came to the unreturned point will be lived by the Global heating in the world, an image has come on the screen and while I was watching this image I was petrified. Everything has been stopped for a moment.


                  And I've come back to the old years. When I've been at the first class in my school. It used to be a voyage of time. Residence around me has been cleaned. Time has stopped and images have changed as a television screen. I was standing in school garden, Uncle Ece was in front of me and his voice sterted  echoing in my ears suddnly. While he was showing the book in my hand:

                  'This bird will eat the human beings one day. Hunger and waterlessness will be lived every-where. Men will kill each other for a piece of bread and a drop of water. Be economical. Don't dirty the earth. Don't throw anything; otherwise you'll be the bait of these birds. 'said and showed a Picture of vulture. Vulture bacame bigger in my eyes…

                  Became bigger…

                  A hairy bold bird…

                  And bone-dry…

                  It as been the vulture which uncle Ece told and brought it's photo. There has been a vulture on the television screen also. A black little boy who has bone-dried because of hunger, was escaping from the vulture by dragging his body for the last time. The vulture was behind the child and waiting for his death in order to eat him. The photograph was taken in Sudan during scarcity of food in 1994. This image has been won him the Pulitzer Award to the photographer Kevin Carter. I was schocked. Uncle Ece has told us the truth. He has been right about all his sayings. While I was watching the image on television with unbeleivable eyes my phone started ringing. As soon as my school mates saw the photograph on television they called me up by remembering that day and my saying:

                 'Will this birde at us? 'by laughing loudly.'

                 My telephone never stopped up to the morning. My school friends and me have found each other once more. Some of us are public prosecutur, some are judge. We're at the positions where the desicions are made about the heading of the country, administeration of justic. And along our lives we have never forgetten the knowledge who uncle Ece taught us. We' ve already understood that uncle Ece taught us to be right and being an upright human.


                  When we met each other with my school mates we also understood that we are all in the right line for the humanity. Many weeks passed and we learned that as soon as Kevin Carter took the photograpf  left. He didn't save the child. And has taken the photo which has been won him the award, and went away. When he came back to look for the child he hasn't been anymore. And after photographer Kevin Carter had taken the photograph which was won him an award, he had depression and commited suicide. Who knows what else will be come a reality which uncle Ece told us? I remembered the days which I spent with uncle Ece and I remembered him with love. I thanked him once more with my heart. I thought how much I ' ve been lucky because I knew him. We've met with my school friends, thanks to uncle Ece. We understood that coming closer to the men, and connected with transparant strings, lerning the somethings, living in the same place. Friendship which connected with love and devolopments can be continued as god as old days although you're in different places, passing years. It was very affective to meet my friends, remembering the old days. The most importing thing was listening to Uncle Ece from the people who knew him and lived once more with him. After we had found each other with my friends we came together without planning the meeting and had nice surprises Was the most interesting event.


                  Many years ago I received ana invitation letter from Japanese Businessmen related ta business which I didn't know the subject, because I'm one of the best and trustable In my job. The letter has been interesting and mysterious expression:


For an invenstment in Turkey we've already consisitued of conferring group including sixteen men who come from different regions of Turkey, different jobs whom they are effciency experts and know japanese culture. We invite you to the group of conferring the investment in Turkey. We'll be honored if you participate in the meeting.

"Group of Japanese Business Men"

                  After I had read the letter intensively a few minutes, I decided to participate in the meeting. Right now I can see it will be an interesting voyage of business and I 'll have surprises Because I was very busy with my own job I had no time for such a voyage. However I would like to go I was uncomfortable After my plane ticket had sent me, my place has been reserved in the hotel where the meeting will be made I decided to think once more to participate in the meeting... I was respectable to the japanese people who they are connected to their national values, and hard working They look like turcos, they wanted us to exchange the views. I got ready for the voyage with an impulse which I didn't know the reason. I set off to the country where  japanese men have a meeting. At the airport I was taken by a car by the competants of the firm.

                  They said that the meeting will be at  ten the following day. And requested me to be ready at nine.

                  I got up early in the morning and walked around the silent streets of the city. I used to this walking whenever I came to a foreign country or city. I was uccostumed to walk in the crowded squares for a while at early mornings and it always give me the feeling of liberty.

                 Walking in the city without citizens at a special time was a wanderful feeling to me. I  looked at my watch it was  almost  nine. I ran into hotel, had breakfast in a short time. After I had finished my breakfast the door was knocked at. Japanese people were very exat; one of their characteristics which isn't similar to turcos to be exat, to do every thing on time. When I came to the place where the firm meeting will be made, I got of the car and went towards to the  skyscaper. When I came into the large room fifteen people were sitting and chatting with each other. Japanese managers have been bewildered and amazed. They were asking questions the people who were sitting at the table. As if they were trying to correct a mistake with unbeleivable eyes. I looked at he men at the table carefully. I've already known them, they didn't seem stranger to me. I started feeling hot an sincere emotions in my heart. Later on squares of photo paired with each other, two photographes came together side by side.

                 Ataturk Primary School and Uncle Ece. Later on a memory which reminded me my friend's childhood whom I knew them. I went towards to the table with a great excitement:

                 'Cengiz, I couldn't beleive in my eyes. 'I shouted him amazingly.

                 His head has been lifted and looked at me confusedly:

                 'Can, what are you doing here?' Asked me.

                 'For what reason you are here so am I, what a chance we meet here don't we?'

                 'I suppose a great event, look japanese men are bevildeed, they've been asking questions since we came here. According to the programme which they made we didn't have to know each other. This was the most suiable in order to reach the the correct results related to their investment. Now you came also we twelve of sixteen person have already known each other.'

                Said and bursted into laughters. I couldn't stop myself, we started laughing with my twelve friends loudly. Provocative wave of laughter jumped into the others and Japanese Businessmen. We laughed minutes by minutes.

                Japanese men wanted to know why they laughed and how we new each other. After group laughters had stopped our coffee has been served on the table. Our friend Cengiz who has seniority wanted to explain the situation by looking at the japanese businessmen.

               'You've already worked truly. In normal conditions we haven't seen each other for a long years and according to you it means we don't know each other. Because we were born in differnt places, jobs are different, we live  far from each other besides. Twelve person have a shared character here; we're all the students of Uncle Ece.'

               Nobody made a sound. Every was waiting for the sentences which will be said by Cengiz.

                 He continued speaking:

                 'Uncle Ece who has fight in Suveys and Canakkale fronts during the 1. World War, served superiorly for his mother land and saved many both turco and foreign soldiers uesd to be a hero. After he had wounded in the war and became ghazi he settled in Balikesir. We all knew Uncle Ece in city of Balikesir. Because he used to visit Primary Schools and give lectures on being an upright  human. Balikesir was the city of civil servant. Children in the Air, Ground Forces Jenderme Commanderships, children of teachers where work in different universites and high schools are my school mates. After their parents had completed their duty they went to a different city. We all the studens of Uncle Ece. For this reason although we were chosen from different jobs, places by you, we all used to attend to the same Primary School. There has been a vulture story of Uncle Ece and Can has laughed loudly by saying:

                 'Will this bird eat us? We've laughed to his laughter Uncle Ece told the story of  vulture of Can in all schools.'

                 As soon as the japanese manager learned the twelve person knew each other by chance, they understood that they never made a mistake in their organization. Everything was happened by chance only. Japanese men have been affected deeply bu the speech of our friend Cengiz and the heroizm which Uncle Ece showed in the 1.World  War and War of Indepence.

                  When we had a break for lunch I didn't see them in the large room of meeting for a long  time. I supposed they left the old friends alone and gave an opportuanity to  chat each other. We had o long chatting with my school friends whom I haven't seen   them   for a long time. I have missed my comrades who they came from the memories of my childhood. I understood what each day was so good whereas I never understood the value of the days which I lived during those days. I supposed the friendship memories are look like the aged wines; when the time passed their value will be understood and when you live them once more you notice the pleasure of them. When lunch time finished japanese men came with a roll o paper in their hands. We all set the able excidetly. They opened the papers slowly and started showing us the pictures of japanese who the soldiers in uniforms. One of the japanese manager:

                 'These are our grandfathers and all of them died in the II.. World War. We never knew them. We only know them from the stories which have been told by our parents. We also love them very much. As Uncle Ece our grandfathers were heros also. They all fought to save their country and died in the front for us.' And copleted his speech difficulty, In the eyes of each one the memories of atomic bomb Which sent to Nagazaki and Hirosima were revived. We were all affected. Sadness have been surrunded everywhere. The tears of being of human, fighting for the country, independence flew with the tears of loosing lover persons and war pain of humanity from our eyes at the same time. I stod up quickly and suggested to stand for respect for the soldiers who died in Nagazaki and Hirosima. 



                    After the standing of respect for a moment we had our seats silently. Japanese manager stood up he wanted to stand of respect for Uncle Ece and the soldiers who died in Canakkale. They stood up in a hurry and we've stood of respect also for Uncle Ece and the turkish soldiers for a minute. One of japanese businessmen has been affected this event deeply and asked me 'Would you like to write this story shortly?'

                   He has lost with the paper. When he came back the story was translated into japanese language. I have been bevildered very much. I admire japanese people who they became lofty values of humanity, share with their neighborhood, increase love, resspect and honor. We all looked each other. We've never lived  such a meaningful day before. It was very wanderfull and we had a chance to tell Uncle Ece to the others and next geeneration once more. Because we wanted the youth to have a real hero. Instead of the imaginary heros of television and internet games, real heros and the ones who has served their country and their citizens with the love of humanity up to the last dropof their blood should never be forgetteen forever. In general every child has an imaginary hero in the Primary School.

                  In our time because there hasn't been a television, Texas, Tom Miks, Red Mask, Zagor haave been read. As you see our heros were imaginary. Me and my friends were lucky much because our hero hasn't been imaginary, a living hero Uncle Ece was our hero. We're lucky.

                  After a long voyage I came back home with good memories. I thought along the voyage who has affected me deeply in my life, whose sayings which have been formed my character without leaving me anymore, whose love and interest connected me to the life and showed my direction. I know all of the chances aren't chances in reality. In my life eveybody and everything ran into me when the time is suitable and what the necessary I need to do and have. When I met the people who helped me in my childhood, I met them again later on. I don't know how and a secret power let me met the people who worried about me once more and has wanted them this message:

                  Love and interest whom you showed to a little child was very important for his life and his projects in the future. Any of your work wasn't useless. Look this child is in a place where important desicions are made and works have been completed for everybod. And be sure that his love and position will be useful for everybody, you became the trainer of the next generation if you know or not. You have to be the model of a little child or a growing young.

                 If you don't know you have to be his 'hero'.Usually children are good observers, They copy and imitate your behaviors. And children understand and feel easily if they are loved or not really and the aim of a person clearly. For this reason one day you'll pass pass over a child or a student, may be you'll be the teacher a group of studeents or yo'll be a mother or a father or their Uncle Ece.

                 Your smile, every support of his training to be a human being, every behavior of guide, every consolation, every word  whom you taught him. Opportunity of going farward in the school of life will be your support forming the soul of a upright human such as building a house with only a word or a smile...

                 And our children will be our works. Ever child whom we can see around will be our child. Every little creature whom we support is a present to the future.'

                 I wish heros who devoted themselves to the humanity and forming the future as Uncle Ece, would have been forever both in the country and in the world… I devote this book to Uncle Ece and unnamed heros. I'm sure you're curius about Uncle Ece's present, the flag which has a Picture of Ataturk and a gun carriage on it… It's place is a secret… However here this ıt has been waving in a good place where I have been on duty in the name of humanity...

Written by: Can AKIN

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Balıkesir'de Gazi Ece Amca Ve Ben Öykü Kitabı - Yazar: Can AKIN

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Stories Of Memory - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece And Little Can - Written By: Can AKIN

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Balikesir Ciudad, Su Héroe Ece Amca Y Yo Escribir: Can AKIN -




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